Boards and Commissions

Parks and Recreation Board

The members of the Parks and Recreation Board serve in an advisory capacity to City staff and Board of Aldermen on the planning and development of parks and recreation facilities and regulations governing their use and for the planning of special events.  

The Parks and Recreation Board assists in long-range planning and implementation of programs and activities conducted by the City of Valley View.  The Parks and Recreation Board offers advice concerning future development and recommends means for maximum utilization of existing facilities.

Planning and Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission is charged with the responsibility of proposing plans, policies and programs addressing the physical development and planning of the City.  They also act in an advisory role for the Board of Aldermen on matters concerning development issues of the city.

This Commission also strives to identify community needs and to advise the Board of Aldermen of their short range and long range implications for the total development of the city; to recommend achievable community goals as a basis for long range planning and development programs; to recommend plans, programs, and policies that will aid the entire community in achieving it’s defined goals; and, to interpret the adopted plans and programs to concerned citizens so that private activities and desires may be accomplished in harmony with public needs and policies.

Other important duties of the Planning and Zoning Commission are to formulate and recommend a comprehensive plan for the orderly growth and development of the city and its environment, and from time-to-time recommend any changes in the plan that will facilitate the movement of people and goods, and the health, recreation, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of the city. 

The Commission consists of 5 members appointed by the Board of Aldermen. A Chair and Vice Chair are elected by the members. 3 members shall constitute a quorum.

Application for Board or Commission